Multi-Unit Residence, Warehouses, Office Spaces and Buildings, Restaurants, Schools, Clubhouses, Fitness Centers, Vacant Buildings, and much more....

    - Let Champ Home Inspections inspect your commercial properties to you can ensure you new investment is exactly what you want it to be.  Don't let unexpected problem delay you from making money on the property as soon as possible.

    - Just like our home inspections, our commercial inspection are extremely thorough and performed by well educated inspector that have built commercial properties.  You will always get a descriptive report the same day filled with pictures and information.

   - Our commercial inspections have no time constraints so that we can walk through with you and point out any deficiencies that are found.

    - Pricing is based on the property being inspected.  Since no two commercial properties are the same we do not base these fees off square footage like homes; we do not want you paying for services you do not need.  Please call today for your custom quote.

Commercial Inspections: