11 Month Warranty Inspections:

    A warranty inspection is performed just before the builder's warranty is about to expire. This inspection is intended to uncover defects or imperfections that exist in the residence so you can present them to the builder prior to the expiration of the warranty.  Warranty inspections are highly recommended if one was not obtained upon completion of construction.

  A trained eye and an unbiased opinion can help ensure that all items are addressed before the builder is no longer responsible.  Sometime flaws take several months to present themselves.

Not all warranty inspections are the same. The Champ Home Inspections S.A.F.E. inspection will provide you with the necessary information to protect your investment.

Serious  -  By hiring a state certified inspector you’re showing the builder that you are serious about the warranty process.

Aware  -  The inspection will make you aware of the items that need repair.

Facilitate  -  The involvement of a third party helps to facilitate the reporting and repair process.

Educate  -  We will educate you about the systems and components in the residence and be available to answer your questions long after the report has been completed.