The price we quote on the phone will be the exact cost that you will pay.

We accept check, cash, CREDIT CARD OR ESCROW BILLING.

Our fees are based on the livable square footage of the home AND NOTHING ELSE.

Building Structure:

    - There was a broken truss noted in the attic. Field modifications to pre-manufactured structural members should not occur without structural engineering documentation. We recommend you obtain a copy of the documentation of the repair for your records.

New Home (Pre-close) Inspections:

This inspection should be performed prior to your final walk-through with the superintendent – all utilities should be turned on. The intention of this inspection is to make sure all systems in the residence are functioning properly prior to your taking possession of the residence. Special care is taken when reviewing the cosmetic condition of the residence. Since the home is new, there should be few if any cosmetic imperfections prior to closing. We will mark all imperfections with "blue tape" so they are readily visible to you and the builder.


   - There was no insulation installed in the attic.  We recommend insulation be installed to a minimum R-30 rating to meet current standards.