missing truss connections

The roof trusses are required to have metal hangers for support when they are attached to each other.  If this was not caught before drywall it may have never been seen again resulting in possible roof failure.

Ensure Details are proper

Having an inspector that has a background in construction you can insure that all special details are properly installed.  If these details are overlooked the project could be delayed for several weeks or you may not get the house you wanted.

Examples of recent findings


Wall Damage invites pests

This open hole on the exterior wall was from the relocation of an air conditioning unit.  Repairs of these types of holes should be made prior to insulation and drywall to prevent moisture an pests infiltration into the wall cavity.


    This inspection should be performed after the city inspection but prior to your walk-through with the superintendent. This inspection allows us to visually inspect items that will not be visible once the insulation and drywall are installed. Corrections made at this phase of construction will eliminate future problems.

The key points of this pre-drywall inspection are:


Rough Electrical

Rough Plumbing

Rough Heating and Cooling


Exterior Cladding